The park was created by the Mountain Community with educational purposes at the service of the schools of the Municipality of Pianoro and neighboring municipalities, as well as of all citizens interested in environmental education.,lf_ui:1&tbm=lcl&rflfq=1&num=10&rldimm=15598057013485267563&lqi=ChVMYSBSb2NjYSBkaSBiYWRvbG8gYm9aFyIVbGEgcm9jY2EgZGkgYmFkb2xvIGJvkgEEcGVha5oBI0NoWkRTVWhOTUc5blMwVkpRMEZuU1VSQmVtVjVVVTVCRUFFqgEKEAEqBiICbGEoBw&phdesc=mP1Ju8D6Bgk&rlst=f#rlfi=hd:;si:,44.36900668531206,11.273397821951292;mv:[[44.365857899999995,11.2781442],[44.3587782,11.2740247]]

Badolo is a hamlet located near the town of Sasso Marconi in the province of Bologna. It is better known among climbers as the Rocca di Badolo. It has been the free climbing gym of the Bolognese for decades. Tiziano Nannuzzi called it a wonderful sand castle, because they learned to climb on these sand rocks

The park, located on the first hills of Bologna, includes a band of chalky outcrops, which have given life to a karst complex of extreme interest, and the suggestive Calanchi dell’Abbadessa…

Body-building room, equipped with a wide range of latest generation TECNOGYM cardio-fitness and muscle equipment, as well as an innovative Pure Strength line, ideal for combining a spirit of aggregation and the pursuit of psycho-physical well-being

A covered pool 25 x 14 meters depth 1.30 at the sides and 1.70 in the center
A covered tank 8 x 14 meters depth from 0.85 to 1.00
An irregular uncovered tub with WHIRLPOOL

About 30 km from Bologna, the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Zena, better known as Monte delle Formiche (Mount of Ants), rises on a rocky spur overlooking the Idice and Zena valleys.

An 18-hole course, par 70, for 5,450 meters, despite the wide lighthouses, has small and treacherous greens, which make the course extremely fun for both experts and amateurs.

The Mugello Circuit is one of the most beautiful high-speed tracks in the world, one of those tracks where the value of the driver makes the difference. The braking of the San Donato curve after the very long straight is for real drivers, drivers who are not afraid to reach 340Km / h.

The German military cemetery of the Futa Pass is located between Bologna and Florence, in the immediate vicinity of the motorway that connects the two cities; when you reach it you are particularly struck by the landscape that surrounds us, especially imagining that those mountains were the scene of bloody battles and where thousands of men died.

The Civic Museum “Luigi Fantini”, dedicated to the memory of the illustrious pioneer of research on Bolognese prehistory, draws its origin from the discovery of the pre-Roman settlement of Monte Bibele, near Monterenzio.